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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Trafalgar Chelsea

When walking around Kings Road in Chelsea, you may get bored and need a drink. Go to the Trafalgar. Not only do they have drinks but they have amazing french fries too. We stopped inside to get away from the cold and grab a drink while resting our legs. Sadly with these winter days you feel like its ok to have a drink at 4pm, “hey, its already dark”. I indulged in a large glass of rose and sat in a comfortable armchair with no intention of moving again for a while. 
They play relaxing music low enough for you to have a casual conversation and not have to yell. There are so many tables that you don’t eavesdrop on anyone else either. They have about 10 different beers on tap, I challenge you to taste them all! They also do a discounted beer of the day. 
I really liked having a break there, sometimes everyone needs a little pick me up after a day in the cold. If you live around there I really recommend an afternoon in the pub with friends. 

Here’s their website: http://www.thetrafalgarchelsea.co.uk/

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