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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beach in the East

Beach in the East is/was a really cool pop up store my friend found online. It was in a less busy street of Shoreditch and you had to follow a few signs to get to the actual store. The moment you step in though it seems like you really are at the beach. 
They had windsurfing sails tied to the ceiling, blow up beach toys near the entrance, and the whole store was set up in a fake swimming pool. The clothes were really displayed well because you could see the different colours of the clothes pop from the background colour of the pool. There was even a fake ladder that would have helped you get in the water if you needed to.
The clothes were a combination of jeans jackets designed very differently from your ordinary jeans jacket, and swimsuit in interesting bright prints. They had a pair of ripped jeans I would have killed for, but they were very very expensive. Kristin tried on a jeans jacket that was painted with what seemed like white lacquer paint, and it looked really good on her. However the cool design of the paint made it hard for her to move so it was the kind of jacket you needed to break in. 
Here's a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Beachintheeast?directed_target_id=0

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