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Thursday, 18 July 2013


Walking towards Old Street I convinced my friend to try a new coffee shop and not go to her usual one (Fix 126). We stopped at Slate, which is on Curtain Road as well. The grey exterior isn't very inviting but it didn't look empty and there were a lot of fresh baked goods on display near the bar. We both got coffee, and my friend spent about 15 minutes talking with the barista to try to figure what all the flavours of the cookies were. 
I instead decided to have dinner or what I like to call "late lunch" there, and I got a cheese and bacon sandwich on ciabatta bread. (It was incredible). We sat down at the nearest table, all the tables are different and so are the chairs. I tend to like this design aesthetic when done well because it makes you feel more relaxed and free to do and say what you want. 
The food was brought out to us on black slabs, kinda like a black board or a "slate" which I thought was a creative way of serving small dishes. Everyone inside was so friendly and kept smiling so it was nice to be there. I'll probably go back again, just for another one of those sandwiches. 
Here's their website: http://www.slatecoffeelondon.co.uk/

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