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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Blues and Jazz Rallye

Every year for a Saturday night in July there is a Jazz and Blues Rallye in Luxembourg. They put up huge stalls in the middle of the streets in the lower level of the town and the streets are flooded with people drinking beer happily listening to several different bands. It usually starts around 9pm and every stage has a minimum of 2 acts throughout the night.
In the past few years according to my dad the Jazz has been getting better and the Blues worse. But they best thing about it this year was that the weather was great; therefore more people were out to appreciate the free music.
I would have loved to stop for a bratwurst (hot dog) but by the time I felt like standing at a stall for one they were turning off their grills. I think what I enjoyed the most was that it really felt like summer and I rarely spend this much of my summer in Luxembourg. It was nice to take everything in and listen to something a little different from what I hear every day in bars and in the office. If only I had gotten that hot dog.
Here’s the website advertising the event: http://www.bluesjazzrallye.lu/fr/page-principale.html

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