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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Brick Lane Coffee

Walking along Brick Lane at least once a week I've noticed the flashing lights of Brick Lane Coffee before, many times. I don't know why I never stopped before, I think every time I walked past I had a different destination. Anyway, this time my friend Charlotte and I went. I was really thirsty so I knew I had to get something to drink. 
I chose to get an Arizona ice tea because I know they actually quench my thirst unlike the blue lemonade I had earlier that day from a stall in Brick Lane market. We sat down on a couch side by side discussing what we were up to and talking about our flat for next year. I was really relaxed due to the perfect couch, the chill music and the good conversation. 
Everyone inside the coffee shop looked like some kind of an artist and I loved it. The man sitting across from us was drawing something, and seemed very focused. The venue is pretty small but there are several cute details that make it home-y and special. I really liked the drawings on the walls, the different mismatched seats and that everyone seemed to be doing something. I'm glad I finally walked in.

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