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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dr. Denim Sample Sale

When stopping by my friend Daniella's house I saw a sign which said "Dr. Denim Sale" and "starts 22nd of May". So on the 22nd of May I came back. Because usually Dr. Denim clothes are really expensive and I never know if its worth spending a lot of money on jeans because I tend to damage them and rip them pretty easily. 
I walked in and I noticed it was also a Herschel sale too. The Herschel backpacks are beautiful, they have so many cute prints, but they're so expensive that I've never even thought of getting one. I'm not really a backpack person. I did look at a few of the backpacks and I was almost convinced but then I saw a box full of Dr. Denim leggings and I was fixated with finding the right ones. There were so many different colours I wanted to get 3 pairs. In the end I only got one pair, and a t-shirt.
Both the items I got I love. I've already worn both of them so many times. When I got home I looked the clothes up online and I couldn't find the t-shirt's original price, but the blue and bleached out jeggings were sold at 49 pounds and I had gotten them for 15. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more sample sales of brands I like and will let all of you know by twitter if I see something good!

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