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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Nails at Swapaholics

At the Swapaholics event there was also a Nail Salon. It was just a little table with a lot of nail polish and two really fun women. I chose to get my nails done because I had a date that evening and the nail polish I had on was really badly chipped. It took me forever to choose the colours I wanted painted, because I knew I wanted to have an accent nail that would have more detail than the others. 
I ended up choosing a bright pink and a gold glitter. Lately I've been really into pink and purple more, maybe its because most of my winter clothes are blue and I'd like to think the weather should be warm now. Anyways, these two hilarious women entertained my friend Kristin and I for well over an hour and our nails turned out really well. 
Kristin is a nail biter, so we were hoping that putting nail polish on her would make her stop (sadly, it didn't). 
The nail artists are: ColourRiotNails and Lalafornailart, they both are reachable on twitter and instagram under those names!

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