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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Honest Burgers

My friend Kristin tried Honest Burgers in Brixton and told us we had to go. So as a group we decided to go to the one in Soho. Unfortunately you can't make reservations, so if you want to eat early go there early during the day. We showed up at about 7:50 and they told us we'd have to wait about an hour, hour and a half before we could be seated. So we gave them our details and walked around Soho, stopping for a beer near Covent Garden. 
They called us, and we rushed back to make sure they didn't give our table up to anyone else. Like other burger places near Soho they do not have many things on their menu, but what they do have is very good. After taking our order, they brought out our drinks pretty fast. But we had noticed that tables that arrived after us had been served their food before us. The staff then came by to apologize to us, and say that they would give us free side dishes because we had to wait. 
We then still had to wait a while, they then offered us free drinks. But only Kristin took up their offer for the drink. When our burgers arrived they had given us extra fries as well as all the free side dishes. Their red cabbage, beetroot and apple coleslaw is actually incredible and that's not usually the kind of food I go for. We all ate everything given to us, and kindly asked for the bill. When receiving the bill they also told us because we had to wait so long, they gave us our burgers half off. This means I actually only paid 4.50 pounds for an amazing meal.
I know I'm going back there again, even if I'll have to pay full price for that burger.
Here's their website: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk/

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