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Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Photographers' Gallery

A little while ago I went all the way to Oxford Circus to see a photography exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery. The main exhibit I went to see was for the runners up of the Deutsche Borse prize. This prize consists of 30,000 pounds which is given to the winner with the "best" collection of photographs for the year. The gallery is a sort of relaxed, calm space right behind the shopping craze of Oxford Street.
Not only was the gallery showing the photographic work of these competitors but they also had an exhibit by a Finnish photographer with a variety of past Finnish ad campaigns. It was fun to see some of the products I've used in Finland shown in an ad from the 1960's.
There was also a room showing only one image, and everyone visiting the exhibit is invited to draw the photograph. Therefore having to spend more time looking at the image and analyzing it unlike how we may have looked at the other work in the gallery, by just glancing at it. My drawing was featured on the gallery's tumblr page, here: http://whatdoyousee-tpg.tumblr.com/post/52862580199/diana-turchi-this-response-to-the-photograph. Overall, I really liked this gallery because it  was able to show a diversity of work but kept it all tied together due to the simple fact that everything we saw was based on stilled images.

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