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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The only thing I've ever bought from Anthropologie are books. But the inside of their stores make you wish you could afford all their other products. Every dress seems to have enough details to tell a story, and every cute little bowl has a print you've never seen before. I tend to go to Anthropologie with my friend Daniella because she buys the clothes. I've hunted through the their sales racks but still have never been able to buy anything.
However I do appreciate their selection of books a lot. They have slightly more interesting cooking books and their other books range from autobiographies to DIY books. Maybe I just like their books because of the pretty covers, but I've found that the books I've bought from there I actually read. Which is generally a good sign because I've had some books on my shelf since uni started and I still haven't looked through them once. 
Anthropologie is nice because the warm colours of their stores make you somewhat feel at home, and unlike most shops they tend to have nice seating areas where you can just soak you surroundings. In the shop on Regents Street they have a whole wall of plants, which I think is pretty cool. 

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