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Monday, 5 August 2013

Joe & The Juice

When I was walking around Chelsea with my friend Kristin we decided to stop at Joe & the Juice because we had never been to one before and we really needed to sit down. From the moment we walked in it definitely felt happy, relaxed and friendly. We spent a few minutes trying to figure out our order. I obviously looked at the food first, typical me. 
I got a tuna and avocado sandwich, which they call a Tunacado, which I find pretty cool. Kristin then asked what the barista would recommend, and she got a random one he has talked about. However I was too intrigued by the name of the "Iron Man" juice, so I just had to get that one. 
The two baristas were really friendly, and funny. The younger one was kind of flirty and he jokingly suggested that he'd give us his number, which we just laughed at. We then went over to a table, sat down, and started talking about our assignments. He brought over our drinks and my food, and the sandwich was wrapped in tracing paper which I think was really cool because it stops the oils from getting on to you hands and its somewhat creative and different. 
As we left the two baristas said "bye girls" and blew us an air kiss goodbye. It was just so funny and cliché that it make Kristin and me laugh really hard. Here's their website: http://joejuice.com

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