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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Paper Exhibit: Saatchi Gallery

I've probably said it before that I'm a huge fan of the Saatchi Gallery. I've even joined their mailing list, and therefore become a Saatchi member. This way I always know if there's something good, and new to see. A few days before I left London for the summer I got an email saying there was something new, a Paper Exhibit. 
So I invited a few friends to see the new collection with me. Upon arriving I realized I had already seen the art in the ground floor and I was hoping there was at least 4 rooms filled with new things. And there were. I was really impressed by the different things people created with paper. 
There were paper coffee cups with intricate drawings all over them. There were huge wall hanging drawings which had several tiny details as well as huge sketching features. There was also an installation filling a whole room made out of coloured paper kites. But I think the best thing I saw was trees cut into paper shopping bags. They were so tiny, so perfect, and it really looked like the tree was fully made by the cut out on the top of the bag, which then created the correct light on the tree.
It's usually hard to describe art with words, so I'll let the pictures speak more than me. But the exhibition ends soon, and its really worth seeing, if innovative art is something you think you might like. Or it's just a good place to hide from the rain and broaden your knowledge of the visual arts. 
Here's the gallery's website: http://www.saatchigallery.com/

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