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Friday, 4 October 2013

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane is usually just a long street with a lot of Bengali restaurants, but on Sundays it changes completely. It's invaded by what seems like half of London filling the streets and giving the food court sections a lot of money. Some celebrities have been caught shopping at Brick Lane market, if you like that kind of thing. But most of all I love the diversity of this one street.
Everyone seems to interact so well. You have to start from the food court. You can get an incredibly diverse meal for about 5 pounds. If you want a drink you may need to spend a little more, and the sushi is slightly more expensive. But you can get amazing Italian calzoni, or Turkish halloumi wraps, and now they even have a stand with blue lemonade and skinny round slices of potatoes on a stick. Everything is a little quirky. 
Under the food court there is a section where there are vintage clothes, and the first time I ever went there I found Christian Louboutin shoes for 200 pounds (so cheap!) but you can find a few other cool things. My favourite stand is a jewelry one that does two items for 10 pounds. Allowing me to have increased my earring collection a lot. There is also another warehouse type building with stands of individual artists who sell their t-shirt designs as well as their jewelry and cards. I really like a girl that does drawings of birds in hats, this is her site: http://birdsinhats.blogspot.com/. The market is only every Sunday, from about 10am, to 5pm, but its really worth going. You can even buy old records, and old cameras for affordable prices. 
Here's the website for the market: http://www.visitbricklane.org/

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