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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Having brunch is one of those things you see in movies that you wish you could do every weekend (or every day if you're me). Sadly, we only realistically have time for brunch once in a while. One day after spending a lot of money on constantly eating out my friends and I decided to have brunch at home and make it ourselves. 
I brought the fruit, Kristin made the pancakes, and we did it all at Daniella's house. We put some relaxing music on, each of us helping out for our yummy meal. Someone set the table, someone cooked, and someone cut the fruit. Within minutes everything was ready and we were all enjoying our breakfast-y meal together.
One of the many joys of brunch is that it can last as long as you like. Our meal lasted about an hour or so, but I think that's only because we were all so hungry, and the fruit we had looked really inviting. I think its really important to stay home and regenerate once in a while. Having a lazy day with a few friends is good for you. It helps you be social and recharge your batteries. 
I'm already planning the next time I have brunch, bacon and eggs? Yes please!

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