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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Life is a yoga place on Brick Lane. At least that's what I thought it was, one day they handed me a flyer. I generally take flyers and then look through them when I get home just so I make sure I don't miss out on anything I'd like to attend. The flyer advertised that they have a bar and "garden". We wanted to escape the madness of Brick Lane so we went in. The bar section is really nicely decorated and there is a lot of fresh fruit at the bar but the garden section isn't too nice. 
We sat in the garden section anyways, even thought it was really a smoking section. We ordered 2 smoothies and the barista brought them out to us, he also came by later to check if we liked them which I found quite nice since they usually only do that in restaurants. I had a super food smoothie called "sexy" which had berries and yogurt, and Daniella had a "ginger zinger" which had quite a kick of ginger to it.
Overall I liked being in that secluded area because it was a really good break from the crowded streets. They also do a bar night on Friday nights, so I might go to that, or maybe attend a yoga class.
Here's their website: http://lifeshoreditch.com/

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