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Monday, 28 October 2013


On my way to Waterloo Charlotte and I saw this interesting looking pub looking out on the river near Blackfriars bridge. So on our way back we had to stop by. At this point I was also quite hungry, so of course I looked at the food menu first. This pub (Doggett’s) had several floors where you can enjoy the view of the river and enjoy a pint at the same time. The middle floor is the dining floor where they serve you as though you’re in a restaurant. We chose to stay downstairs near the back of the pub so we could relax and speak as loud as we wanted without disturbing anyone.
Carol and I ordered food, a steak and a burger, and Matilda just got fries. But these weren’t normal fries. These fries were real and proper chips. Big and chunky with the peel and everything. And they tasted amazing. The staff also brought us all the condiments straight away which was great. 
Enough about the food... this pub has at least 12 different beers on draft, so if you want to have a lazy afternoon out with a few friends its a great place to go. And its easy to reach, just on the other side of the river to Blackfriars station. 

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