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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Manicomio Poco

With a name like that this place doesn't tend to appeal to Italians because a Manicomio is where they send people who are mentally ill. But maybe these people are mentally ill over the food. Anyway, I went there on a monday for a late lunch and it was pretty crowded, we sat outside because the weather was pretty nice. I got a sparkling water and looked at the day menu to then decide which dish of the day I wanted to take.
I really like it when places have day menus because it makes me feel as though the ingredients are fresher and the chef pays more attention to the dish because they make it less often. As we were waiting for another friend my friend Daniella and I ordered the same dish. Gnocci in tomato sauce but it wasn't just the kind of pasta that you have at home. It was really really tasty, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Even scooping up the sauce with the last gnocci I had left.
I honestly think the food was worth the uptight environment, and it was easy to split the bill. I think I might go there again, on my next visit to the Saatchi Gallery. After all it's a filling meal for a reasonable price (about 15 pounds), and that way I wont spend money on snacks in the afternoon. 
Here's their website if you want to check them out: http://www.manicomio.co.uk/chelsea/poco-cafe
Also this cafe is called "Poco" after its name because it's the cheaper and less fancy version of the restaurant. Which is simply called "Manicomio". 

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