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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Urban Dialogues

While walking through Shoreditch with my mum we saw a small gallery space. We were welcomed in to "Urban Dialogues" a show exploring art, belief and identity. The rooms were all dimly lit so that your eye would focus on the piece in front of you. 
What I enjoyed most was seeing different media being used to express an idea. Most of the work made you think about what you were looking at and the thoughts behind them. Many of the pieces in the show were linked to religion. There was a video with a quote from the bible about God making your path straight and in the clip there was a winding road that became straight after a lightning bolt. 
The gallery continued downstairs where there was also a little cafe and a stand selling cards and badges from the show. Every was really peaceful. You wouldn't expect to find a place so quiet so close to one of the busiest roundabouts of east London. 
I really loved that for half an hour, you could get off the street, clear your head, and look at the bigger picture through visual arts. Working with religion is a very touchy subject but I think this show helped me look and think without imposing a strong religious opinion, so I was able to formulate a thought on my own with the guidance of the art.
Here's the link for the gallery and this specific annual showcase: http://www.3ff.org.uk/arts/

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