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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Scandinavian Fair

One rainy Sunday I went down to Wapping to the Tobacco Dock to go to the Scandinavian Fair. After living in London for a year I’ve noticed how much I miss certain things I have easy access to in Luxembourg. In a super market in Luxembourg I can get food from so many different countries, where as here the selections are very limited. I was really excited to go to the Scandinavian Fair to buy cheese, bread and liquorice I couldn’t find in super markets near me. 
Upon arrival I saw that the fair was much more about travel in Scandinavia as well as Scandinavian house ware. I looked around at every stand, and entered all the competitions to win trips to see the northern lights. The highlight of the first hour I was there was the liquorice stand. Growing up has made me enjoy salty liquorice more and more, I love it now. 
As I enjoyed my salty snack I watched one of the performances. They had set up a viking battle for children to watch and then take part in after the performance. It was hilarious seeing a tiny child slaying a viking, and of course the vikings toppled over after one jab of the foam sword. 
I then spent the rest of my time walking through all the different stands with cute home ware looking at all the different Moomins items they were able to sell at the fair. Moomins are a Scandinavian cartoon that have been around quite a long time and every kid has had some item with the Moomins on it. 
Overall, the fair was great. The entrance fee was a little bit pricey, but it was worth it for me because I love Scandinavia. I recommend it for families mostly, and obviously Scandinavians. 

Here’s the website for the event: http://www.scandinaviashow.co.uk/

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