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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Founder's Arms

Founder's Arms is a pub type place near the Tate Modern on the south side of the Thames river. Its really nice to eat there on a sunny and warm day, cause the breeze coming from the river is really relaxing. I went there with my flatmate Emily on a Saturday evening and we were able to get dinner and something to drink for about 15 pounds each, which is pretty good for dinner in London. 
We got to watch the sunset, and enjoy our drinks. You have to go inside to order the food, and sort of scream it across the bar to the bartenders. But they understand everything and after you've paid they give you a number to take back to your table so they can bring you your food. I liked that, because they came over to bring the food and all of the eating utensils so it felt like they knew what they were doing. I had a really good chiabatta sandwich and fries, not too healthy, but really yummy. 
It was just a great evening because we got to enjoy the remaining hour of sunlight, and it wasn't too cold. It was nice to be outside for a change, because in London you often find yourself running from the rain. 
Here's the link to the pub's site: http://www.foundersarms.co.uk/

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