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Sunday, 9 June 2013


On Friday I went to Nottingham to visit two of my close friends from high school. Upon arrival we went to lunch, and Katie suggested a place called Delilah. From Nottingham station you have to walk towards the nicer part of the city or as I called it the "suburbs". This place is really nice especially for lunch.
Walking in, it looks like an organic food shop but upstairs on a balcony there are tables for you to enjoy your food there.Depending on what time you arrive you can make you order at the bar below and pay while doing so, or a waiter will approach your table. I think one of the main reason I enjoyed this place was because there was a lot of light, and some how you had the comfort in knowing that all the food was well put together as well as looked after carefully when grown. 
I ordered the same thing as Katie, a roquefort sandwich with red onion chutney and pine nuts. It was incredible. They served 3 sandwiches made with toasted baguette and the onion chutney was on the outside so you can taste it even more. Tatiane ordered a potato raclette type dish which was served in a bowl with small new potatoes and a lot of cheese and ham. Everything smelled delicious and of course we all devoured our meals. 
I might have to drag them back there the next time I visit them because I ate so well. 
Here's their website: http://www.delilahfinefoods.co.uk/

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