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Friday, 14 June 2013

Fortnum & Mason's

In early March I went to eat at Fortnum & Mason's with my friend Tatiane. We booked a table for two online for their Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. Arriving in the shop was great, the doorman explained to us which direction we needed to go, what floor it was on, and which elevator to take. The doors opened for us on the 5th floor and we walked into a room with a small reception desk and a huge grand piano. It was really special. After a few minutes wait we were seated to our table with a huge white table cloth and plates and cutlery set out for tea. 
Looking over the menu we couldn't pass up the chance of having something savory as well as having cakes. Sadly, in the end we weren't able to have tea because we were so full, and we both still had wine in our glasses. I had an onion tart, and Tatiane had a dish with fish which she very gracefully devoured. I later got a huge slice of maple cake, and it was incredible. I loved every second of it. 
Its an expensive place to go eat, and you need to dress well to be taken seriously but once in a while everyone deserves a treat, and this is really an amazing treat. We might make this dinner an annual thing, I hope because I still dream about this food. 

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