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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Deli Downstairs

The Deli Downstairs is a really cute organic shop in Hackney, near Victoria Park. In the summer they have red stools and tables to eat outside. Its decorated really well, with space for all the different types of food, the meats, sauces, cheeses, vegetables and even other food. 
Its not cheap, cause no organic store in London is. Its just the kind of place that give you a really good vibe, and makes you want to buy their food. There are loads of different organic brands that they carry as well as having un-labelled fresh fruit and vegetables, but pretty much anything you need or want is there, and you definitely leave without any guilt. 
What I really liked about it is the amount of fresh cheeses they had as well as their own pesto, hummus  and tapenade. All their food really looks incredible. I want to go back to buy fresh pesto, cause I hate hate hate eating pesto from a jar. 
Here's their website, if you want to go enjoy their incredible food: http://www.thedelidownstairs.co.uk/

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