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Monday, 24 June 2013

Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh

The Jardin Marjorelle are in the new part of the city of Marrakesh. They are the botanical gardens of the city as well as gardens where Yves Saint Laurent worked and produced some of his most incredible controversial ideas. 
The designer who made the first female pant-suit and created the modern pret-a-porter concept was also interested in nurturing countries such as Morocco. Him and his partner Pierre Berge restored the botanical gardens to something much more beautiful than it previously was. There is in fact a memorial for Yves Saint Laurent within the gardens. 
This garden however isn't only a garden, it also includes a Berber museum, showing the population of the Atlas mountains and some of their traditions. The museum is organized in a very modern way compared to the other cites of the city. There are sheets of information in French, Arabic and English for each visitor to read while looking at the different displays. There also is a whole room dedicated to Berber jewelry which Daniella really loved. 
There is a room near the museum showing collages created by YSL showing the yearly cards he sent to his clients and friends for each new year. He sends his love, with the collage by writing the word "love" on each card every year. 
Next to this room there is the garden's restaurant which happens to serve a very interesting cold tomato soup which I found very refreshing and tasty. The spices in the soup give it a kick but its so cool that it slides perfectly down your throat in the blazing heat. This cafe also has some very interesting drinks which cannot be found else where so I advise you to stop there if you're looking for a refreshment. 
Sadly the Jardin Majorelle was really crowded throughout the whole time we were there and it was difficult to take good photos without several people in the background. But if you're looking for something a little different to do and see I really recommend it because nothing else throughout our whole trip was like this garden. 
Here's their website: www.jardinmajorelle.com

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