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Monday, 10 June 2013

Due Sardi

Due Sardi is a tiny pizzeria on Shoreditch High Street. Its incredible. If you want your pizza to go, you can watch them make it. Throwing the dough, spreading it evenly on their counter top, placing the right layer of sauce and adding your toppings, and finally sliding it into the pizza oven. 
If you don't want your pizza to go you can eat it next door at Jaguar Shoes. The pizza is amazing and their menu is very varied for a pizza place. They've re-named a few of their pizzas so that they are more personal to the restaurant, which is something I quite like. I ordered a Hawaiian pizza the last time I went there, and it was amazing, they spread the pineapple slices and the ham perfectly so that the flavours overlapped really well. I was really happy with the fact that they cut the slices for me, and that the cheese didn't all come off on the first bite of each slice. 
The place gave me the impression of being really authentic, mostly because everyone was speaking to one another in Italian, and there were a few small rustic details in the venue which are very Italian. I tend to hate eating Italian food when I'm not in Italy because I naturally assume it wont be as good as what my mum makes. This place was really up to my standards and I devoured that amazing pizza. 
Here's their website: http://www.duesardi.com/ (they also do delivery)

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