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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Riad Clementine Marrakesh

Riad Clementine was a beautiful oasis. Coming from outside, I was surprised to see a white door in the red/brown madness of Marrakesh. We knocked, and walked in. The big wooden door opened and one of the workers greeted us and took our luggage. We then walked through into the courtyard of the hotel. Where there was a beautiful fountain and a couple of cute tiled tables. We sat down at a sofa, and were asked to fill out a few forms discussing our stay. When we finished the owner of the hotel spoke to us, about how to get to the hotel and which routes were best for getting to the souks and the square. She gave us a detailed map that I looked at often over our holiday. We were then shown to our room, on the top floor of the hotel. 
The room was incredible, a cute little coffee table was the first thing we saw and we were happy to notice several other cute small details throughout the room. However the best surprise was the bath tub. It was a huge clay, tile rimmed, bath tub. Big enough to fit two people and deep enough for you to shower in it without a shower curtain and not make a mess. Little silver cups held q-tips, cotton buds, shampoo and shower gel. Everything seemed so well placed. There was even a safe inside the closet. Everything had personality but it didn't overwhelm the other details of the room.
The hotel pool was a great size, big enough to have a few people lazing around by it but not too big, showing you it was a place to relax and escape the crowds of people rather than a place to exercise. Every lawn chair had two yellow towels and a hat on it, so you didn't need to bring your own and you didn't have to be worried about getting your head sunburnt. 
The people at the hotel were all very friendly, booking a camel ride and taxi for us, as well as serving us incredible breakfast everyday and a wonderful dinner the last day. The breakfast was probably my favourite part of my stay there. The staff came out with a tray with freshly squeezed orange juice, little yogurt pots and fruit salad. They then laid out tiny pots of jam for the bread and Moroccan pancakes they later brought us. They also served us coffee (or tea) and a tray of cheese, ham, cakes, and dates. 
I really really enjoyed my stay there and would really recommend staying there because the Riad is located within the Medina but its not a noisy area. Also I felt very safe there compared to on the streets of Marrakesh. It was a great place to come back to from the "hustle and bustle" of the city and I would love to stay there again. On a side note, if you don't like waking up to birds chirping its not a place for you. 
Here's their website: http://www.riad-clementine.com/

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