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Saturday, 8 June 2013


Wasabi is a huge food chain company that is all over London. They make sushi, bento and other Japanese style hot dishes too. I've only ever had the sushi. What I love about their sushi is its really really cheap. You can get 2 salmon nigiri (the one with the slice of fish over a bed of rice) for one pound. You can also get 4 avocado or cucumber hosomaki (small rolls with seaweed holding it together) for one pound.
Being a student I tend to go there a lot because I love sushi, and I can't really afford more expensive sushi that often. I've eaten at Yo!Sushi in Harvey Nichols but I didn't like it as much. I think one of the main things I like about Wasabi is how quickly you can get everything you want, and if you choose to make your own pick of sushi you can fill up a whole box-tray or you can leave it half empty depending on how hungry you are. 
Also one of the things I actually like is that you get to unwrap your sushi individually so you get to touch your food before you eat it, making you more excited and hungry. Its kind of annoying that they charge you for soy sauce (considering I use a lot of it), but at least its in a small package, making it more transportable. I've even eaten Wasabi on the tube. Here's their website: www.wasabi.uk.com

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