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Monday, 24 June 2013

Souks Marrakesh

Shopping in Morocco is very different from walking down Oxford Street. There are not many "real stores" in Marrakesh unless you go to some of the malls in the new part of the city. The main stores in the Medina are the Souks. Souks are small individual stands which sell regional items and are generally owned by two people. One of these people stands or sits inside the shop and the other one stands outside and tries to lure you in. If you even look at one person's items they will notice that you looked and therefore convince you to look into the store for a better view. 
There are different zones for the different key items being sold. There are specific roads and areas for leather, slippers, jewelry, clothes, lanterns, and clay goods. However they do sort of all blend into one. You will find at least one jewelry store mixed in with all the leather ones. 
Its nice because you can browse at which ever speed you like, and unlike in Europe you can haggle prices to very low and they will still give you the product. You just have to know how to bargain. After the first few days I started getting the hang of it, and I rarely changed the original number I gave them but Daniella was very good at it from the start. You have to be firm and not let them scare you. Try your best not to show them you want their product. 
I loved looking through the crowded jewelry displays and all the other interesting things they had for sale. But thankfully we didn't happen to walk past the animal section of the Souks on any of our visits. 
One thing that people will often tell you is that you will get lost in the Souks, its true. But its ok, after you buy something just ask the seller where you are on your map and how to get to the road you want. Do not ask people on the street because they'll ask for money, or will only tell you where the square (Jemaa el Fna) is. Be alert, but try to enjoy the different experience. We had a lot of fun! 

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