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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thai Rice

A few weeks ago my friend Daniella and I wanted to go to Notting Hill for lunch, we ended up walking the wrong way, and somehow found ourselves walking towards Edgware Road, at this point we decided we were dying of hunger (I was) so we stopped nearby at a Thai restaurant called "Thai Rice".
Daniella had been here before, and she remembered that the food was good so after a quick glance over the menu we walked in. The place is lined with booths and tables, and we were seated in a booth. There are Ipads at each booth for people to play games, look at the menu interactively as well as look at other things online. There are also a few big screen televisions which at the time were playing a football match. The waiter is polite, friendly and really well composed for such a small restaurant. Our drinks are brought out straight away which is great. I ordered a Thai Ice Tea. They're incredible, I have no idea what they put in them but they're a super sweet tea-based drink with added milk and ice. 
As a main dish I had Pad Thai with Beef. Which I really enjoyed because the contrasting textures and flavours worked together really well. It was a quick but relaxed meal, and I really enjoyed it. Daniella and I had a laughing fit at the end of the meal because she put a mint and two ice cubes in her mouth at the same time and for some reason we thought that was hilarious. Here's their website: http://www.thairicelondon.com/

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