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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Somerset House; Tom's Kitchen

In gross grey weather its always important to cheer yourself up. So I went to the Somerset House to see some art and have some lunch. The day my friend and I went was 2 days before the new exhibitions opened so there was almost nothing to see, just something about Picasso's blue period (I can't stand Picasso anymore, so we avoided that) and something about limited edition designed rugs. So obviously we went for lunch first. 
The biggest eating area in Somerset House is "Tom's Kitchen" which is an incredible restaurant. Its not cheap, I only had a main, and sparkling water and I spent 20 pounds, but the food was just amazing. The flavours are aligned perfectly. I had papardelle (A sort of wide and flat spaghetti type pasta) with butternut squash, roasted pine nuts and roquefort cheese. They also brought us out some bread while we waited and it was really really good, we devoured it. 
The service was impeccable, and they wrote on a pink slip in the menu that one pound would be added to our bill to support cancer research because in the UK May is "cancer awareness month". I think its a good way to make people take part and donate because otherwise we forget, or we don't have cash on us when they ask for our help. 

Anyway, back to the point, the restaurant was incredibly good, I want to go back again, it was one of my best eating experiences in London. 
Here's a link to the restaurant: http://www.tomskitchen.co.uk/somerset-house

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