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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bengal Cuisine

I've lived next to Brick Lane now for about 8 months and I love it, everything is just so close, and there's always good food. Brick Lane is known for Indian and Bengali cuisine. I've only ever eaten at two restaurants on Brick Lane, Cinnamon, and Bengal Cuisine. Bengal Cuisine also does take away, and you can order their food online, and by now the staff there recognizes me and my friend Daniella. Its really funny, they call us the "American girls". 
Anyway, for dinner out, with a nice clean white table cloth and very pleasant staff its worth the price. Unfortunately Brick Lane restaurants have the tendency to charge you for every tiny thing you get. You're charged 50 pence for Papadums and 50 pence for the assorted sauce tray that comes with them. But the main dishes are about 7 pounds each, so it makes up for the mini extra costs. You can also ask for free tap water.
The food is brought out to you on a little rolling table, like the ones you see in movies when they bring you room service. They always remember who ordered what, and they place everything close enough to you, but also giving you a large plate to mix all the food on. I really like this because it makes everyone try each other's food, and its a good way to try new things without having to eat a whole dish of something you might not like. Also, they always always figure out some discount to do which I think is really generous of them. If you order food to go they give you a free wine bottle, its really cute. 
Here's their website: http://www.bengalcuisine.net/

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