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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Camel Rides Marrakesh

During our trip to Marrakesh we had to go camel riding, because my parents would never let me when I was a kid. So we got the hotel to book us a camel ride in the Palmarie north east of Marrakesh. We got picked up near our hotel at 9am and joined a group of people who were also going camel riding. 
Upon arrival we paid our 300 MAD (Moroccan money) and lined up with the others to get our heads wrapped in traditional Saharan headscarves. We were then chosen one at a time to mount our camels. I was at the end of one of the lines of camels. 
Its a very strange feeling when the camel sits down or stands up, because their legs bend inwards, which is different from most mammals. We were then all lead on to the road, our line of camels leading the way. We got to stop for photos and to drink mint tea (a Moroccan specialty). 
We were able to gallop with the camels after learning key words to make them speed up such as "yalla yalla" and "zit zit". It was a fun experience and we got to see a much more deserted area of the country while doing something we had never done before. 
But I left with one major question in mind, why are there one hump and two hump camels? I later discovered that the one hump camel is also called the "Arabian Camel" but really it is dromedary. Two hump camels are the traditional type of camel and a dromedary only has one hump instead. We rode dromedaries because the saddle we were seated on was created around the single hump of the animal. I found that pretty interesting. 

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