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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Abbey Road

London is full of popular landmarks. Abbey Road is famous due to The Beatles, they walked across the zebra stripes on the physical road for one of their many covers, the album was then names "Abbey Road". There is also a studio next to the zebra stripes names "Abbey Road Studios". 
Anyways, in the rain on Tuesday the 14th of May I kind of "ran" across the crossing holding my umbrella. My friend and I went there to take photos of each other crossing, but there were a few groups of people watching which made me a bit uncomfortable, and also there were many cars passing. Luckily I have a few not too horrible photos of me crossing the road. 
One thing I love about this landmark is that its not overpopulated by tourists, at least it wasn't when I went. I love that Abbey Road the only place in London where there are still zebra stripes for crossing the road, everywhere else has these weird dot things. 
Also, the Abbey Road Studios website has a webcam feed so you can watch people trying to cross the road and taking pictures, here's the link: http://www.abbeyroad.com/Crossing

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